Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Plane


Alec Baldwin
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Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Plane! |


Unfortunately, it wasn´t a fancy boot. After being asked to turn off his cell phone in the middle of an exciting Words with Friends, Alec Baldwin went up to use the restroom. And when he…

Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Plane for Playing Games (Updated


30 Rock” actor grounded after apparently invoking attendants’ ire with his Words With Friends compulsion.

Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Plane, American Airlines Responds (VIDEO)


On Tuesday, Alec Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight for playing the game Words With Friends. This morning, American Airlines responded to his public mockery of the airline.

Alec BaldwinKicked Off Plane… American Airlines

www.hollywoodlife.com12/6/11 has exclusive details about Alec Baldwin’s temper tantrum on a flight Dec. 6 — he scared the passengers! Alec Baldwin was removed from.

Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Airplane For Playing Game on iPad


The 30 Rock star was kicked off an American Airlines plane after refusing to stop playing Words With Friends. Plus, Alec’s rant afterwards!