Words with Friends

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Alec Baldwin’s Words With Friends Addiction Gets Him Booted Off


Alec Baldwin likes Words With Friends so much that he missed a flight because of it.

Words With Friends‘ DEFENDS Alec Baldwin — We’ll Spell It Out for


Words with Friends” has a strongly-worded message for American Airlines … after Alec Baldwin was kicked off one of their flights for continuing to play‚Ķ

Words With Friends‘ Defends Alec Baldwin After He Was Kicked Off


The actor tweeted Tuesday that he was removed from the airplane for playing the Zynga game.

Alec Baldwin Loves Words With Friends Enough To Get Kicked Off


I’m normally not a fan of the “look! celebrities play video games too” breed of stories, but this is kind of awesome. Apparently Alec Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight because he refused to put away his iPad and

Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Plane, American Airlines Responds (VIDEO)


Zynga, the company behind “Words With Friends,” came to Baldwin’s defense on Wednesday, issuing a statement in the form of a “Words With Friends” tile board spelling out “Let Alec Play.” American Airlines declined